Buying a RACHEL-Plus

Where can I buy a RACHEL-Plus?

The RACHEL-Plus device can be bought through the store on our website at

Do you ship to my location?

World Possible ships anywhere in the world that are serviced by DHL or UPS. To get an accurate shipping quote, please add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. A shipping quote can only be given this way, once you have entered your address and selected your shipper.


In addition to shipping time, units take 7-10 days to be configured and to leave our warehouse.

In addition to shipping cost, nearly every country charges some sort of taxes, fees, or tariffs on imported goods. The HS Tariff Code for our devices is 8517.62.0020. With this quote, you can get an estimate of import costs by reaching out to your local DHL or UPS office in the country. There is no way for World Possible to provide this information in advance. Costs can range from 15% - 40% of the purchase price of your goods.

Do you offer discounts?

World Possible is a nonprofit organization supported by donors to make this product available at an extremely attractive price. Without the support of donors, we could never make this happen. World Possible is not a normal “business” - in all, we lose money on the work of creating, maintaining, and selling RACHEL. We rely on the generous support of donors to keep our doors open. Because of this, we do not offer any discounts on the price of RACHEL.

We understand that many of our customers are also non-profits with small budgets so we work exceptionally hard to make sure this product is as affordable as possible.

We know that RACHEL may still be unaffordable for some organizations. We offer much of our content for free download at – some content providers only allow us to provide their content directly on a RACHEL-Plus device.

You can also get free assistance to create your own offline content servers on old laptops or other hardware at

We hope this helps in your journey.

Can I get a quote?

We are happy to prepare a quote for you when necessary, however, please note that preparing a quote takes some time on our end (up to 3 days) and requires some detailed information on your end. The quote will include only the same information you see at the last step of check-out. If you are just asking for a price, please go through the check-out process rather than requesting a quote. You will not be required to pay before seeing final costs. If you are still requesting a quote, please include:

detailed specifications for the devices including:

storage size requested storage type requested languages requested any warranties to be included

detailed shipping and delivery information:
please provide a copy of the last page you see after selecting the “check out” button, this will show you various shipping options and which shipping method you prefer. We do not ship by local post.

This page must have a shipping method selected so that we can verify with your preferred provider your address is available for shipment to. Please see note below on additional fees and tariffs after shipping for international orders.

your detailed delivery address included on this page a contact phone number for the delivery recipient a contact phone number for the ordering party (if different)

For international orders, please keep in mind the duties, taxes, fees, and tariffs that may be levied by your local, state, and national governments. The HS Tariff Code for our product is 8517.62.0020 - you can ask a local DHL, UPS, or customs broker to give you a rate quote of the fees you should expect to pay in addition to just the cost of shipping you pay to us.