Learning Management Systems

RACHEL comes with multiple Learning Management Systems installed to give you the choice of how you want to provide lessons to your students.


Kolibri is a Learning Management System provided by Learning Equality ( https://learningequality.org/ ). Through the installation of Kolibri channels, Kolibri provides even more ways to access and manage content such as Khan Academy on RACHEL-Plus devices. Teachers and administrators can create and manage lessons, as well as their own channels using Kolibri Studio ( studio.learningequality.org ).

Introducing Kolibri

For a live demonstration go to https://kolibri-demo.learningequality.org/en/learn/#/library.


Moodle is a Learning Management System used by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide. With Moodle, teachers can easily create and manage lessons for their learners and keep track of their improvement. To learn more go to https://moodle.com/.

For a live demonstration of Moodle go to https://moodle.org/demo