Available Content

What Languages are Available?

RACHEL offers content in a variety of languages. The largest library of content is in English, followed by Spanish and French. We have some smaller sets of content in Swahili and Hindi. When you place an order with us through our website, you will be asked to select up to two languages. This will alert us to your language preferences when we make your device.

One of the great parts of RACHEL is the ability to add your own content in any language. RACHEL has a simple function for you to add your collections of content (music, videos, PDF files, etc). When you add your own content, you can tag that content for certain categories or ages and make it easy for your users to find the content you’ve provided. This is a great tool to supplement our initial content offering.

What Age/Grades Does RACHEL Support?

RACHEL contains content suitable for the youngest of students learning the “A” (Fantastic Phonics) to the most advanced students taking multi-variable calculus (Khan Academy).

Many of RACHELs resources are also reference materials, suitable for users of any age. Wikipedia (an encyclopedia), MedLine (health resources), etc.

That being said, because we make copies of sites as is, some sets of the content may have articles or pictures you may not want a young person to see. Anything on, Wikipedia, for instance, is available on RACHEL.

We do offer a RACHEL-Corrections, which we have attempted to censor for nudity, objectional content, or violence. This means we remove many valuable resources also, like all of Wikipedia. This is designed only for the most restrictive needs in prisons.

How do I update content?

RACHEL Content can be updated a number of ways, however, the simplist way is to connect your RACHEL device to internet access and go through the admin section on the RACHEL homepage.